He's unhappy and he likes me, but he's still with her?

Why do guys stay in bad relationships? this guy I know (6 months) hates his relationship. He never said this directly, so I COULD be wrong, but for one thing: he never talks about her. this could be a clever technique to get closer to me, BUT he's the one who mentioned her in the first place (he was single on FB for about 4 months and then changed it). at any rate, on the rare occasion that he does mention her, it's not by name, but rather something like 'oh, I went to Montgomery last weekend' which is where she lives. furthermore, he wrote poems and they're about relationships falling apart and him wanting to leave, but not knowing how, etc. I read them for him and he says 'keep in mind these are really recent' before he hands them over.

i know he likes me because he makes it blatantly obvious. people who don't know us ask if we're together. we HAVE NOT done anything because I respect myself way too much, but I do like him so I slip up on flirting sometimes, but he's always staring at me, talks to me every day, gets jealous when I talk to other guys, is a gentleman/very protective (walks close next to me/behind me, he makes sure I'm close behind if we're in a crowd, and almost had a heart attack when a taxi nearly hit me lol). he's very sweet and hasn't tried to ask me out or anything creepy... we did have a moment where we were completely silent and looking at each other as we rode the train home... I looked away first and he was just blushing until I changed the subject.

soooo... why do guys stay with girls if they aren't happy and like someone else who likes them back? I'm really heartbroken over this :( and he's not a malicious person trying to play both girls either. I think he's genuinely uncertain. he's super shy, so maybe he doesn't think I like him enough to want to be with him? but I'm sort of shy too and I can't be any more obvious without looking/feeling like a home wrecking skank :/ any advice?

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  • Maybe he doesn't like you enough and that's why he's not ending it with the other girl