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Okay Girls or Guys I'm having problem fixing my hair right,so I got thick dark hair it's really thick.The problem is that whenever I get out of the shower I want to leave like that.Wild curly looking style but I CAN'T get it to stay that way.Once my hair dries up its wild alright lol but not thin looking how I want it.I have put gel and moose at the same time gel at times alone.But it's not working it ends up thick with some curls.Please help me I'm getting so mad that it's not working when I brush it my hair gets wavy looking.


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  • My sister has curly hair. Perhaps you are using a gel or mousse that is too heavy and pulls your hair down. Don't put as much in and maybe ask at the salon what they would suggest for your hair to get your desired look.


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  • a lot of people would looooove to have your hair.i have a friend with the same views with her wild mass of hair, but I told her that any day we can trade scalps. my friend hasn't washed her hair in over a year, she just brushes out the dirt and oil in a hot shower, which really defines the curls and doesn't make her hair look greasy, but I suggest using a good organic conditioner ( link ,first aid conditioner) I found that natural shampoo and conditioners are much better and make your hair look almost TOO healthy :)

  • if you want your hair curly all you need to do is to do isto not overuse hairsprays