Possible to like two people?

So I like this guy at university but I know he loves this girl back home, he has said on numerous occasions that he knows they will never date (again) and that they're just there to support each other...

So he always asks me for hugs and tells me that I'm a good hugger, we're the closest in our group of friends, he always texts something nice/cute right before bed and we always kid around like him chasing me with snow attempting to give me a face wash.

So my question is can he like me even though he loves a girl back home or am I completely delusional?


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  • There's nothing wrong with having fun - why not just simmer where you guys are at until he makes a move? There's no sense to ask him / escalate / etc - maybe he just likes the interactive, fun, spontaneous, and beautiful company.

    Don't bother yourself with the other girl - you want your attention to be on him and having fun. If he's to be screwing around with her, you'll never know until it's too late - by that time you'll be in the same shoes as if you were to interact with him like normal.

    My only response on "liking two people" is that a friend should never be in the bedroom.. If you understand that quote, then that is my stance on "cheating" - if they are putting themselves in an opportunity to cheat, I won't partake in any relationship with that person. There's no sense for a lack of "personal boundaries" when interacting with others.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Well he's definitely not seeing this other girl due to the fact she lives half way across the country in his home town...and as for just me and him, I have no intention of bringing the subject with him, I'm just worried cause I don't want something to happen and he goes "crap what have I done" and then things get awkward between us, our group of friends and the people who live on our res floor (who are mostly mutual friends)

    • Serious question: Do you think women overanalyze a bit too much? Because I think that's what you are doing right now.. Think about it and get back to me.

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