What if you woke up one day to find that you'd changed into the opposite sex?

I know there's definitely a couple of lists circulating on the internet regarding this very situation, but my question is what would you personally do? This is not meant to be super serious ... just more a question of what you would do if you could live in the other half's shoes for a few days or so.

I know I'd like to try peeing standing up. And get a blow job just to see what all the fuss is about ;-P What else?... I'd eat whatever I wanted with no regard to whether or not it would make me gain weight! You get the idea...


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  • Well, I can tell you the blowjob is only about 33% the feeling. Most of it is knowing a girl really just wants to make you feel good as is willing to actually do it, because guys' bodies are regarded in American culture as gross and never discussed.

    As for me, I'd masturbate a lot. I'd probably go pick a guy up (assuming changing gender also means I'd be attracted to men). And I'd enjoy a sh*tton of free drinks and service hitting up every bar at "ladies' night". Short-term I wouldn't really be able to cash in on the benefits of being female.


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  • i'd finger myself furiously and play with my mammaries

    • Maybe you could find the g-spot while you're there, and then clue all the other guys in ;-)

  • Understanding the fascination of shoes.

    • haha! yeah, we do love them! I think part of the appeal is that no matter how bloated or ugly you're feeling that day, your shoes always fit and always look good =-)

    • Great insight. I begin to understand.

      Is your entire self image cyclic between "pretty good" and "bloated and ugly", or is it less regular than the reproductive cycle?

      I've always thought the physical swings must be annoying to live with (and see the pain of cramps etc in friends, colleagues and relatives), but hadn't realized that elements of self image might be regularly unstable.

      I love women, but am even happier that I lucked onto this side of the gender divide knowing this.

    • Well, we all have our crosses to bear; there's definitely some good stuff to being a woman too! I personally don't experience a whole lot of physical "cycling" but I know lots of girls who do, and I'd say that for them, their self image is affected tremendously. As women we put so much emphasis on our looks, and our weight in particular. A few extra zits or pounds (even if it's just from a large dinner you just ate) can really make you feel really unattractive.

  • I'd hit on my ex's husband just for fun.

  • If I woke up one morning to find my penis was gone and I had boobs, I'd go out to get some Jack Daniel, liquor up really good, then shoot myself.

    I do NOT want to live as a woman.

    • Aw, c'mon, you wouldn't even want to try and score some free drinks first?

    • well I'd do that, sweetie, then masticate on the way home. Taste myself, then wash ma hands...then blow ma brains out before I subcomb to the tyranniclal emotional mentality of the feminist society. Hell, I'd rather be dead then turn into a flat out bitch!

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  • I would eat everything in sight and burp and fart whenever I wanted, in public included. I would get into a fight with a guy at a bar. I would hit on girls everywhere I went. I would pee standing up and masturbate. I would shave my body hair.

    That's about it.

    • thank you, sweetie. And after you let yourself go as a man, after you sexually harass another woman, end up in jail, then get out...will you still be as liberated as an actual man, or will you walk around in fear like the most of us, in fear of losing what little you have over some whore who screams "sexual harassment" if you so much as pass your hands through her hair?

      Welcome to a man's world.

    • I'm counting on having no repercussions in this hypothetical scenario.