Makeover matter?

This one is for the guys.

You date a girl obviously because you think she's hot and she's beautiful - but then you dump her. After the break-up she does what most girls do - get a makeover (new color, new cut, new style, new clothes) and now she's even hotter.

Do you guys think hmm she looks nice but I had her already or is it like wow she looks even better a lot of guys must be after her now and she must have a boyfriend - I like her all over again I have to get her back!


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  • Um it might make him want to sleep with you, or if he's really shallow he might want a super hot girlfriend to show off.but I don't think the makeover will make him want to get back if he doesn't already.


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  • guys can be pretty simple but we're not completely shallow; there's more reasons to end a relationship than simply not liking her clothes & hairstyle :/

    now if the lifestyle has changed & whatever it was we didn't like has turned around - that may be a reason to go back


What Girls Said 2

  • girls don't get dumped because of there apperance honestly! and although we do the make over thing how many of us actually had the guy come running back? not very many at all I would say!

    if he left you why would you want to take him back ? aren't you worth more than that and with a new make over get a new guy

    • Well my friend said she was trying this route in order to win her ex back as of all the other stuff I don't know that's why I was asking the guys.

    • Well tell your friend that it won't make him come back it can make him think wow but he won't come back as the reason for leving someone is always far more than looks

  • You have to work on the things that caused him to leave. Really sole search. I may not be one to talk cause my ex of 3 years says he doesn't see us as anything more than friends (after a little over 2 weeks of being broken up). But, he told me he still loves me and can't take the fighting. So, I am going to therapy to handle my issues. Found out I was depressed and am taking meds (that is why I caused so many fights). I told him this, but I realize you can't just tell someone.and they def won't believe you in just a short time. You have to show em. Makeovers are great. They make you feel just a tad better. Which is worth it. But I suggest work on the issues on hand.