Anyone know how to get rid of stretch marks?

so I have a lot of stretch marks on my boobs bum legs (top and bottom) arms etc ... they are starting to fade a little but with the snow and being cold they are showing up a lot more does anyone know and good ways to get rid if them quicker I have tried coco-butter and all of that someone please help they look really horrible ?


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  • Well they're not going to go away completely, but they'll become pretty much un-noticeable.

    Don't worry about them that much either, I know us girls like to stress about them, but apart from ourselves, no one else really cares that much. I know when I see them on another girl all I think is - oh well, we all have them. And guys have never been bothered about them on me.

    Anyway - bio oil is really good at reducing and improving the appearance of them if you don't want to just leave it to nature.

    Exflotiating is good too.

    And keeping the skin hydrated, moisturized and elastic should help prevent more in the future.

    • Thank You That Made Me feel A lot Better And I Think I May Go Get Some Bio-oil Just To Reduce Them More ... Thank You helped A lot =]

    • No problem :)

      I used to stress like hell over them when I was younger, but I've kind of got over it now.

    • i always stress about them I've had them years just can't get used to them being there

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  • There is NO way to get rid of stretch marks. They're underneath your top layers of skin. No cream, lotion, cocoa butter, shea, whatever will get rid of stretch marks.

    I have some too but I think of them as tiger stripes. Fierce.

    • Thanks =/ ... I like the way you think about them might start and think of mine like that :P =]

    • Yep. I never knew they're permanent until I saw it on Dr. Oz. And good, you should embrace your body.