What are some body language signs that he thinks you're cute?

in the question.


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  • from afar:

    looks at you

    eye contact if he doesn't care that you caught him looking at you

    if talking to him:

    leans towards you/ moves closer to you

    somtimes if a little nervouse he will fidget (move hands)

    somtimes I bite my lip when talking to a girl I like

    idk every guy has there own little things he does though

    • theres this guy I always check out lol gosh he's so cute and he'll stare back and make eye contact when he catches me until I look away , even when I look around the room he'll suddently notice if I'll look at him for a split second even if I don't mean to does that count? lol

    • sounds like there is a connection but you have to talk to him to find out

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