He is trying to make me feel better about myself. What does this mean, am I right?

There is this guy I met a while ago, and I find out that he is into someone else we both know, after meeting her 2 weeks ago. I was hurt by this, more personally that you'd imagine. And through all of the details I've realized that maybe I'm just fatefully unattractive?

I know that make not make sense. But this guy, see, everyone though he liked me. And I didn't really like him, it was too soon to know if I would anyways. But when we'd be alone together he would say things that I would think about later and just get all happy about because it was either sweet, or intriguing, or there was just something about it.

"You have light brown eyes, did you know that?"

"Yes I did, I thought they were dark though.."

"They're not."

"Well I thought they were, but either way brown eyes are useless."

"Well you have cute brown eyes, so they're not useless"

"I'm glad you didn't change"

"Well, being in a hospital I thought it was a good idea to change out of formal wear."

"But you look beautiful."

Those are two memorable examples of this. And then when I was with him and one of my friends a while ago, she said "Your flirting is unbearable, you could cut the tension with a knife!" And he later assured me he wasn't flirting.

All of this confuses me.

Within two weeks he decided that he would like this girl(which obviously would have something to do with being attracted to her), and has managed to not be flirting with me when it seems like it.

I am getting the conclusion that he is trying to make me feel better about myself. And that scares the hell out of me. Would a guy actually say nice things, and offer his jacket to her, and compliment her, if he legitimately did not think she was at all attractive?


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  • god, I wish I could help you. the same thing has happened to me like a thousand times. I don't think you're unattractive, honey :) its just bullsh*t.

    the best thing I've ever done was ask the last guy that seemed interested in me wtf was going on. well, he lied, but it became obvious... we were friends, and he began to flirt with me HEAVILY. then all of a sudden he stopped. and when I asked him, he said he was never interested. but come on, I'm no dumb! he just didn't want to ruin our friendship by getting involved with me while knowning I don't have sex. that's not fair, I know... but this might be it.

    ask him! if he's lying, you'll know, I swear.