Guys, question about hair color on girls!

do brunettes look better with light or tan skin? or light or dark eyes?

and same for blonds. light or tan skin? light or dark eyes?

what color would you think looks best on a girl with blue eyes, lighter skin (has a little tan), and some freckles (NO RED PLEASE)


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  • I think really any above combination works just fine. I'm not really a fan of weird unseasonal tans anyways haha.

    Generally though, lighter skin and darker hair go well (to me). My gfs skin is rather pale, and I'm encouraging her to try out a darker colour.

  • Brunette.


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  • You should ask a girl this because we know about skin tones-

    Brunettes look better with tan skin because if you have lighter skin your skin will look washed out in contrast to your dark locks. Blondes can go either way.

    And I don't know why you're asking about eye colors because you can't change them...

    And for the girl with blue eyes, light skin and freckles- Go blonde.

    • i was asking because my one guy friend keeps saying only girls with dark eyes and tan skin look good as brunettes. and then my mom keeps telling me that because I have blue eyes, I should have brown hair to bring out the color. so I wanted to see what everyone else thought lol