How do I get the attention of a cute guy I like?

cute guy I like to look at me? Then how do I talk to him?


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  • clear your throat when nearby to get him to look, then do the whole smiling bit...twirl your hair, if you want as an addition. Some girls do that well. If you don't, you'll just look like you're teasing him to make fun of him. Not good results.

    or... clear your throat, turn around and bend over. Now that'll HOLD his attention.

    another thing you can do is throw something at him, such as your panties or a rock. Anything to get him to turn his head your way. (as for the rock, make sure it's small and don't throw it too hard as you'll knock him out. And in case you miss and hit a dog, you won't have a lawsuit in your hands).

    if all else fails, just holler out, "Hey, cute guy, look at me!" Keep in mind, this might embarass him in a public place such as a circus. Do so when he's alone.

    Hope some of this helps. :)

    • These are funny. He would look for sure and then run maybe? Not sure but it would be a good story to tell.

    • yes, he might run if you holler like that as that's not typical girl behavior. He might think you're an asylum girl, especially if you have a medieval sword in your hand and you're suited up like that French chic, Joan of Arc. Anyway. Always remember to smile. If you're shy, look away quickly after smiling at him, but CONTINUE to smile even with your head down. This lets him know there's some interest there. Some guys like that better as it doesn't pressure them, gives him time to check you out

    • Aww that's nice. Good answers. Thanks!

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  • go up to him and start a conversation when HE IS NOT TALKING TO FRIENDS. if he has friends around him, not only will he act more like a d***, but he might be pissed you interrupted a "private" conversation. when you go up to him start to touch his shoulder or something. that will get his attention. then lean into him with you back and flirt. if that doesn't work you can always just go to him and say should we make out now or do you want me to take off my shirt

  • talk with him... any how

  • Try bending over near him .. that should perk his attention and hopefully he'll talk to you

    • Bend forward or backward? Then what? Need the specifics.

    • Bend forward at the waist..wear a thong and let it peek out a little

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