What does it mean when a guy is walking in front of you and looks back at you (a lot)?

OK. It's long! I had this guy for a class before but we never talked. Only one day he randomly starting asking for gum in the side I sat at. So he asked everyone in the table except me. But I told him I had some and I gave him some and he said thanks. But I would always realize that he would look at me. Even when it was passing periods and we would crash on our way to our class. He stared at me. In school I sometimes would feel like if I was being stared at and I would look and it would be him. Now ,one day after school, he was walking in front of me with a friend and he would look back... A lot. So I saw that he told something to his friend and he's friend also looked back like twice. Then they crossed the other street and the guy just turned around and stared and I stared back. Obviously his friend turned back also. And a lot of other things that he does when I'm walking towards his way or in the back of him. its kinda weird. What does this mean?


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  • He likes looking at you.

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