How do girls (you) react when you are attracted to a guy?

-Do you give him signals?

-Try to make him come to you?

-Steer at him

-Look at him but look away when he looks back?

-Or do you act shy and pretend you don't see him at all?

-You freeze and get extremely nervous?

Also, what you do subconsciously do when you are attracted to a guy?

-Do you fidget?

-Play with your hair etc...?


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  • I'm a shy girl, so I get flustered when he chats with me. I subconsciously look at him, but look somewhere else if he sees me looking. Plus, I noticed I sort of do the same motions as he does. Ex. leaning back or resting head on arm [something like that] And I would instantly smile [light up] when he focus' his attention to me. That pretty much sums it up. :)

    • Thats really good! Doing stuff like that is supposed to build a bond or something and makes them feel closer to you because you're on the same wave length. Doing the same stuff is supposed to be good.

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  • hmm I'm big on staring & smiling alot. I make myself available to talk or hang. not afraid to suttly flirt. oh & if I notice the guy feels the same, I will strate up just tell him " I like u" . oh & I have the tendency to play with the hairs on the back of my neck , blush, or sometimmes smile uncontrolably

  • I look at him and when I talk to him I kinda tease him. It helps break the ice and shows him I'm fun. If I'm standing near him I'll stand close, or brush up against him. Or if I really like him and we're at lunch or something I'll teasingly sit on his lap. Just something to get noticed and make sure he gets the picture.

  • act shy and pretend you don't see him at all at the same time I freeze and get extremely nervous

  • I usually stare at him and get extremely nervous.


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