Too innocent, I hate that is all guys see?

Im a senior in high school and I've never been kissed or even had a boyfriend. I'm friends with a lot of cute guys and I keep hearing that I'm too much of a nerd to date, its not that I dress or act like a nerd its just that "Im way to smart." I also hear a lot that I'm just too innocent. I hate that guys see me this way and I don't know how to change that. I refuse to become a total slut and change myself just to prove a point, but I do need to change something to be happy. Its driving me insane and I don't know what to fix or even how to do it! If you have any advice please share! Thank you :)


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  • #1 not all guys are like this only the guys looking for a easy girl. I wouldn't worry about it as modest axis said below. I like smart / nerdy girls I don't feel I have to simplify the conversation to there level I can just be me. Once at collage you will find there are more girls like yourself so you will not feel like a lost sheep. You have the right to be a smart nerdy girl and don't let anyone tell up other wise. What you need to do is just be yourself and if they don't like that well then maybe there not the guy you want anyway. You just need to find a gentlemen who enjoys a smart Gal.


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  • In one year you will go to college and there you will see all you're problem about being too nerdy or smart will be behind you. Guys in college tend to like smarter girl as compared to high school were the whole Jock thing is going on... (im from canada but I assume its like that in your area aswell.)

    • Ya I'm just so sick of being the girl that everyone thinks is such a nerd because I care about my future and going to college. And I'm so innocent because unlike most girls I know I actually have standards I guess I'm just sick of being pre-judged by everyone!

    • not only that but you will also study in a field that interest YOU with people that have common interest with you. College is the best... I love alternative girl (smart art oriented hippie/rocker girl) there were none of that at my HS it was mostly ganster chix (which are cool but not for me) and since I study in art field all I meet are pretty much alternative people or hipster (at last I can have convo with people about all those indie underground band I discover and not feel awkward.)

  • lol Too innocent, that's funny. I don't know any guys that are like that.


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  • Be a bit of a rebel, but with common sense :)


    you could just be yourself and not care what anyone thinks of you :))

    You have more respect being smart. :)

  • Fuck all of them. Literally.

    See if they think you're still innocent then.

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