Given where it started and what it means, why do guys "sag" their pants?

Does anyone else here know the origin of sagging and what it signifies?

It started in the California prisons in the late seventies.

The more powerful inmates forced weaker inmates to provide sex for them.

They made them wear their pants at half mast so they could hit it quick.

What I can't understand is, why in the Hell anyone would make the "I'm everybody's weak-assed bitch" signal a fashion statement.

I would never "sag".

F*ck that!

I mean, did someone wake up one morning after they'd been paroled and think "Man, I really miss all the surprise butt-rape. I think I'll just fly the Dickies at half mast and see if anyone salutes."?


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  • it is true that sagging your pants relates to prison, that's exactly where it started. it was/is the way that male prisoners let each other know that they're willing to have sex without literally saying it aloud and risk feeling homosexual (which they are). I assume that with the many rappers in jail, when some of them finally got out they kept wearing their pants that way and impressionable idiots looked at them and thought that they were being fashionable so they followed them. some people will just follow anything that they see celebs doing.


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  • Eh, people only do it because they're blindly following trends. Maybe one day they'll learn the origin the hard way... lol.


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  • I'm pretty sure that if I went to prison I would end up someones bitch. Maybe I should start sagging my pants.

  • Some people see it as a rebellious style or fashion. I consider it a low life fashion statement. It just tells everyone else, "I sag my pants, because I'm prairie dogging it and I have to drop a deuce."

  • Sagging your jeans and prison has no relation. ITs mainstrem fashion and it doent mean anything. Anyone can dress how they like. just becuase I guy wears pink, doesn't mean his gay. So just as a guy sags his jean, it doesn't MEAN anything. I sag my jeans a litlle. I think it look cool. I don't care what other people say, I do it because I thik its cool. Plus, a lot of girls llike it. A lot may say they dont, but many also do. I think its a little sexy actually..

    • You're wrong about it having no relation to prison. It started there. It migrated from prison into pop culture via gangs, rap & hip-hop.

      I understand why somebody who didn't know the origin might see a performer they thought was cool wearing his pants half off his ass and think, "Wow! I wanna be like Iced P, or Humpty-X, or whoever."

      What I want to know is why anyone who did know the original meaning, would think 'You know, I miss the butt-raping." I'll sag my pants now that I'm out.

    • It has transended prision now. I don't know where your from, but here in the uk, sagging your pants has nothing to do with being black, prision or hip-hop. It just matter anymore. Lots of kid/adults do it. Its justa style. Nothing more, nothingn less.