Will guys ever love a girl for who she is on the inside, and not for how hot she looks in a bikini?

We all know guys are jerks in high school, but will they change what type of girls they like when they get to college? Is there any chance that they will stop being so shallow and like a girl for who she is as a person?


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  • If a guy ever wanted a girl to love her for real and not just for flirts & fun then maybe her will look at her bikini but it won't form more then 5 to 10% of what he should find inside of her cause the beauty hidden inside of her might make him fall in her love for life eternally...but the bikini is a one night stand or maybe a couple more and nothing more then that...for me when I searched for the girls of my dreams I always focused on her thoughts and the way she is and how she acts and if I'm able to be with her, and the big question...will she be my dream girl?


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  • I would say that as a general rule of thumb, people become less shallow as they mature, but that doesn't mean attractiveness will no longer matter.

  • As guys mature, they become less shallow. Same for girls. Guys take longer it seems.

  • I can like any girl for her inner beauty, but in a relationship (which usually involves sex, as oppose to a friendship) there has to be physical attraction. There's nothing shallow about that. Would you date a guy who's deformed or missing body parts? If not, then you're shallow.

    Does that make sense?

  • of course they will

    some men love all women

    just don't find them super attractive on the outside

    or there's some other circumstance they don't wanna mix in a little love


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