Why is this that all guys have to look at other girls?

Why be in a relationship if all your going to do is look at other girls. Why tell your girlfriend that your going to commit to her ask her to marry you then continue to look (WTF) is up with that I am so sick of going out with him and he looks at other girls that's bull sh*t. why do you guys do this to girls.?


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  • It's a two way road. Men look at woman for their physical aspects, as woman look at men for their characteristics and personalities.

    Some it's second nature. To others, they don't pay attention to other woman as most other men do. Because their attraction is strong to the woman they're with.

    Really, it's attraction, or common sense, or lock of both, that make people look at the opposite sex while they're in a relationship. You can't say you haven't noticed a male because of a certain tone in their voice, demeanor, personality, or anything that may be slightly attractive to you while you were in a relationship that your partner lacked.


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  • I was out last night with a couple of friends, all married guys, wives were out of town or didn't want to be the only female in the group..

    None of us are on the prowl, but we couldn't help noticing that, even though this was a ;regular' coffee bar, not a 'date' or dress-up kind of a place..on Saturday night there were attractive women in their alone (waiting for someone?) dressed in chiffony irregularly hemmed outfits that just barely covered (deliberately, made to look that way) their behinds, showing all the back of their legs in leggings...We discussed for a while what these women wore under the skirt part, because clearly the covering was unstable..We finally asked one, but she just walked away to the other side of the bar without answering.

    I mean, a lot of women do their level BEST to look alluring and available in a public place, alone...in the most artfully 'uncovered' sort of evening wear imaginable, something only cocktail waitresses and the like used to feature.

    WHAT, pray tell, do you EXPECT? Us not to look?

  • its a natural guy thing girls do it as well, like when a married woman says "Michael Vick is hot, I wanna see him with his shirt off etc." both sides do it guys do more because we have testosterone like crazy, and because girls are beautiful

    • wtf is testosterone ha:p and why do you have to do it all the time.?

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    • testosterone is the male equivalent of estrogen. its what makes us up, chemically and causes us to do such things differently. lol. yeah I pay attention in high school in health class. while others are sleeping and then staying awake for the sex stuff. by the way. lmfao at your age and wanting to "get married". anyway. hope all goes well with trying to keep him from looking at other girls, you need to be secure, hun, be confident. and ull be fine

    • bro we don't even have health ed at my school but I think it'd be hilarious, did they teach yall about BAC?

  • It's not that big of a deal, he's just looking. Even flirting isn't really that big of a deal so long as it isn't too personal. It sounds to me that you are the one with the problem here, not him. And the problem is jealousy. I ain't saying that there's something wrong with you, it's a natural reaction to that kind of thing. But the thing you have to realize is that it's hard wired into every man's brain to stare, look, and peek at gorgeous displays of feminine beauty. Sometimes they do it on purpose to try and fluster their partner because they think it's cute but I'm guessing that's not the case here. There's a big difference between womanizing and just looking. Also just because he's committed to you doesn't mean he won't be interested in any other women. It's perfectly natural for even a married man to watch stare or even watch p*rnography. It's not fair to expect him to essentially turn off his instincts because he's with you.

    • its not being fxcking jealous there retard its just not right to do it right in front of you and umm not sh*t he isn't going to look its just best to do it if your not with me kayyyy

    • Still looks like jealousy to me, like I said it's in his instincts to do that and unless he's intentionally doing it to fluster you I wouldn't get mad at him. I don't mean to offend you I'm just offering you some other perspective.

  • ...He's a guy. He's gonna look. As long as he doesn't touch there shouldn't be a problem.


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