Does he think I'm a fatty or not?

When I met my boyfriend I was 25kg lighter and still on the weight loss slopes, 10 hours kickboxing an gym a week and eating extremely health.

When we got together it was a struggle to keep it up as he would rather me stay home with him or go out for dinner snuggle for a movie, then go to the gym, I don't think he realized how hard I had to bust my ass to loose even a small amount... I've been overweight all my life, and my mind is already under constant war with myself over the issue so no need for abuse guys just your honest opinion.

Now 2 an a bit years, a mortgage and a baby later, I've put it all back on.

I work part -time and have our son the rest of the time, I know what it takes for me to loose weight an walking for up to the moment my son cracks it (15 min at most) a day just won't cut it.

We don't have the money for the gym or kickboxing.

My partner can eat a packet of tim tams and not gain a thing... I can look at them an ill gain a kg... he eats more then me a hell of a lot more. I have no health issues, Dr tells me everything is normal like a person half my weight.

I recently told my partner I have to loose weight I've put it all back on, ( I don't really talk about my weight)

He said he Loves me just the way I am...

He never mentions my weight and when I've mentioned getting some kboxing gear for home he acts like its not that important.

After he told me this I said its more about me not liking it.

he's been a lot more supportive about it.

I do have a pretty face... I don't have a big tummy, I stay curvy in the right places I gain and loose weight very evenly and a lot of people don't believe I am the weight I am.

Do you think my boyfriend is less attracted to me or even repulsed by my size?

If I didn't lose the weight in the future do you think that he would fall out of love with me?

Not that I'm planning to do that...


My question is mainly for men..

to make it more clear...

Do you think he is being honest in saying he still finds me as attractive 25kg heavier?


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  • 115kg? Oh, my. Don't resort to an excuse. 60kg-70kg is what my opinion is for your height would be about right. I'm not a doctor. But, I do know womens bodies. ;D

    But, that all goes to your determination and drive to get to that.

    Is your partner a bit hefty?

    • im big boned... that's not an excuse, I know I'm fat. I want to look fit an healthy not sick and ano. when I get down to 80kg ill set a new goal and decide then how much more I need to loose, I spose its a bit hard to guess what weight il end up at because I put muscle on an keep it on so easy I start to look very stocky if I do too many weights.

      No my partner isn't hefty, he can eat as much and whatever he likes whenever he wants which is often lol

    • Don't do weights. Do cardio. Cardio keeps your womanly figure, along with toning you out.

  • Your question is kind of wishy-washy.

    He tells you you're fine, he loves the way you are, etc., etc.

    If this is more of a self-esteem issue, and you wanting someone to say something along the lines of "yes, go diet you cow."

    For one, we couldn't really do that since we have no idea what you look like, or what your exact weight is.

    25kg is a significant gain. But, again, it all goes by how proportionate you are, or aren't.

    So, to get a more direct answer. What is your height, and weight?

    • 5'6 115kg I'm classed as extremely obese lol though I have to say that my bone structure would probly not allow me to get to 60kg without looking like I would die from being so skinny.

      25 is a big gain but I when I was 17 my weight was 135kg

      And I've been told by my doctor my goal should be 73-78kg

      I am very well proportioned boobs are decently bigger then the belly and I don't have a massive ass its proportion to the rest of me and stays that way when I gain and loose weight

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