He asks me out but he was just joking?

this guy likes me, my friends told me and lol I also asked Jerry. you know 199JERRY =P he asks me out but he was just joking he told my friend that he never liked me that it was a joke but he always comes where I hanged out and he didn't tell on me for throwing food and stuff at him he always looks at me you know I look, he looks lol we look at each other for like 3 seconds while I walk by...

so what is this? its really frustrating now and I'm in year 9 now so I like never see him only in recess and lunch =|


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  • you are so young trust me you have loads of time for boys, Lookd like he's at that imature age unfortunalty girls tend to mature more than boys, look what he is doing is disrespectfull he shouldn't play you about like that hun, you deserve someone who will treat you right! :) x