How long should I wait to ask this girl out to lunch I met on a dating site?

I met this girl that I get along with great on a dating site this weekend. She even rated me 5 stars on the quick match thing.

We've been messaging the past couple of days just getting to know each other. Its finals week right now so I was thinking maybe next weekend or is that too early? If I don't ask then, then I won't be able to see her until Christmas break is over.

She's not an easy girl because she admits she's a virgin and she's really smart, she's in the honors program, so I just want to make sure I ask at the appropriate time.

  • Next weekend ask out
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  • As soon as winter break is over ask out
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  • Until she mentions a hint that she wants to do something
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  • Or its a dating site she wants me to ask her now
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  • ask her out after finals, but before break


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  • Umm I think you should ask now cause you just never know whose gonna scope her up before you do...just see how the first date goes,everything takes time

  • ask her.. trust me.. she wants you too


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