Cute dimples with hot sexy masculine features..?

Hey girls !

1.suppose there is a guy whose extremely masculine with a chiseled jaw line, square jaw face,sexy eyes,shaggy hair..and well built athletic body.Does a guy with that sort of face and features is lot more 'sexy' when 'on his masculine face,those cute dimples occur'...? 2.Doesn't James Bond look girly with those gay kind of dimples..?

Please answer these two..very important for us guys..Please..


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  • Haha I think dimples are effing adorable even if the rest of you IS all manly man lol I know a lot of girls who would agree too

  • I think dimples are cute :] mix that with masculine features and you've got yourself a Mario Lopez ! ha ha honestly, I think he's so sexy...and I'm not sure which JB you're referring to...

    Anyway, in most cases, it can be sexier ;]


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