Have you ever seen beautiful girls with a short boyfriend?

I know it's not all about looks and I completely agree. I always consider personality as well as looks. But if I had to tell the truth then obviously I would absolutely love it if the girl was gorgeous.

Anyway, have you ever seen any drop dead gorgeous girls with short boyfriends? When I say short I mean in the range of 5'4'' - 5'6''.

Let's face it, beautiful girls have many guys wanting to be with them and have many guys to choose from. So of course they will most probably pick the guy with the best physical assets. And we all know how much girls care about height in a guy. Obviously the personality has to be there too.


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  • I'm usually considered to be "beautiful", and my current boyfriend is 5'2, 5'3? not that it really matters, because I'm 5'4 haha.

    But in general, girls usually care about height.


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  • That's right...girls usually care about the height, but again, if she likes the guy...im sure the height shouldn't be the problem.

  • I want my boyfriend to be taller than me, it makes me feel safe and protected.


What Guys Said 1

  • Dude, just lift some weights and build up some noticeable muscle. It usually makes a bigass difference in how they see you so your height won't be as much of a factor.

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