He hasn't called yet?

So I met this guy at a party and he didn't talk to me right away but when we started talking he would look me right in the eyes. He was also very touchy. When I had to leave he asked for my number but he hasn't called back. I think I saw him in my lecture hall but should I see if it is him? I don't know what to do because he hasn't called back.


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  • Nah don't look too much into it, unless you wanna call him, ya know what I mean. He was touchy and looking at you directly in the eye? wow that's confidence! he'll call don't worry : )

  • Give him time. if he doesn't call in a week or two go up to him (if you think it's him). if he was touchy and looking you in the eye chances are he will call. go out and have fun though. go slow and give him some time.


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