What should I get him for Xmas??

I just started dating this guy, and I don't know what to get him. were not at hey here's a brand new lap top yet but were past the whole here's a rinky dink trinket I picked up because I thought I should get you something... HELP PLEASE


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  • well what exactly does he like?

    *get him video games like black ops or the new need for speed, gran turismo is suppose to come out soon

    * bake him gingerbread cookie or his favorite food

    * a scarf and matching gloves for the winter

    * a sweater because its cold or if you could, knit him one

    * cd"s because he likes music

    * his favorite candies

    * make him a scrapbook of pics you guys took togethere

    * a striptease with sexy lingerie

    * make him a poem

    * a custom made t shirt

    * a homade snowglobe

    i hope I helped!

  • A scarf, cologne, a watch, video games, DVD series of his favorite TV series, movies...

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