Would you tell him I thought he was cute?

okay say we're close friends. you ask me if I think this one boy is cute, along with some other boys.

one boy in particular: you, me, and this boy are in the same class and talk, and I said he was cute.

you and this boy are close friends too, would you tell him I thought he was cute?


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  • Yeah. Why hide it? It's nothing to be ashamed or too embarrassing to say. After all, he is your close friend. Who doesn't like hearing that they are cute, or good looking? No matter how tight the friendship is, we all like to hear it.

    Tell him! =]

    • no he isn't my close friend.. he is my friend's friend :P but I talk to him in a group setting but I'm so shy and she knows it

    • Ohh. oops. Misread it! lol. I'm shy as well, so I know how that feels. Just take a chance, it would be worth it in the end. I think it would be best to tell him, rather than having a friend or anyone else do it.

    • yeah I know, I'm workin on it! ;)..i didn't tell her to tell him, I was just wondering if she would mention it, like "oh by the way she thinks you're cute" :P

  • no I wouldnt, cause if I did tell him and you didn't want me to then youd be mad at me, and I can't take it back. but if I didn't tell then that can still be changed.