Why is he blanking me?

I like him & he shows he likes me. We're both teenagers & we tend to have a lot of eye contact & when we talk its us two annoying each other getting each others attention. He used to blank me a few times & come back again. It's been about a month he's been trying SOO HARD! he told this girl I was going out with him in front of me but now he's blanking me. Yesterday I caught his eye but today he didn't even LOOK. What's up with him?

BLANKING = IGNORING in english :)


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  • Blanking?

    • Ignoring, maybe? Unless we just found a way to flirt using a blanket?

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    • Maybe he's playing hard to get. Perhaps he's juggling more than one woman. Blanking one while showing another attention. Either he doesn't know what he wants or he's playing you. I'd go for a better fish. You deserve more.

    • Thanks. But he wouldn't give up. I've tried to; I ignored him & showed him I don't care, he never gave up then - he tried so hard!

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