My boyfriend treats me like a queen. Only problem is that I have caught looking at other girls.

We have a great relationship and great connection, I'm concern because I have caught him looking at other girls and I think its so disrespectful and gross.


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  • My boyfriend is extremely in love with me. It doesn't have anything to do with he loving you or not or you are pretty or not. It's a guy thing. I'm jealous too & it hurts so I asked him & he explained. He said if I said I'm not looking on any girl its either I'm a liar or I'm gay. Its a guy thing, They're visual creatures & they always like to look at boobs & butts. This doesn't mean he has anything for this girl, so don't take it personal & honestly it will never stopped. As long as he doesn't put his looking thing into action, he's gr8 with you, respects & loves you don't bother. It's normal dear :)

    p.s. if he loves you no matter he looks on the hottest girl're the one who turns him on like no one ever did :)

    • Thanks very true... You made me feel so much better! =) one that made this "LOOKING thing worse" is that he checked out some girls boobs which were way bigger than mine. ( I'm not that busting) which mad me very insecure.. =(

    • it's veryyy normal..unfortunately! :D

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  • A beautiful woman is hard to ignore, even when we're in a relationship ourselves. When I was dating my girlfriend, if I saw a pretty girl walking past me, I would take a quick glance, nothing more. It's disrespectful to break your neck looking at another girl if you're with your girlfriend, but if it's an innocent glance, it's really nothing.

    I understand why it would bother you though. All guys are different, but me glancing at another woman doesn't necessarily mean I'm not happy with what I have, or I want to have sex with the other girl, etc.

    I'm sure he loves you very, very much, and don't take it personally if he looks at other girls. And don't think you can't take a look at a handsome guy as he walks past ;)

    • LOL thanks mister! =)

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  • Since men's attraction is primarily physical, it's not a surprise that you have caught him looking at other girls. Does he seem to be gawking @ other women? Or is it just that he stares a little bit too long? You have to decide what you are willing to put up with. If you feel like you should throw away the relationships based on him looking @ other women then that is what you should do. I had an ex who looked @ other women when we went places as well. But I didn't feel like he gawked @ them. I also felt it gave me the okay to look @ other men if I felt the need to. Maybe you should say something to him about it. If he continues to do it even after you confront him about it then it might be time to call it a day. But if its just a simple glance, I don't think that's worth ending a relationship over. But again, you have to decide what you're willing to put up with. Good luck doll.

    • Thanks for the advice and pep talk! Overall all he does is glance a little that's all, nothing else! I never seem him gwaking LOL! Thank god =)

  • I know exactly how you feel. And when people say "it's just a guy thing" that's also very hard for you to accept. It makes you feel compared and insecure. It makes you feel like why should you accept it?

    Men are naturally monogamous whereas women are not. Females in all species of nature are mentally wired to search for a steady mate to ensure a security for the nest. Whereas men are wired to spread their genes with many partners. This is what makes us so hard for us as intelligent and developed organisms to accept because we have an intelligent thought process that makes us think "why does it have to be this way?"

    My policy is that if he didn';t want to be with you he wouldn't be. And if it bothers you so much, say to him that if he's gonna look at other girls, do it when you're not around. Then what you don't know can't hurt you.

    • Thank you for the advice so true! I have argue with him so many times. I know he is in love with me and so am I, but as us "classy and faithful " girl are in love nothing catches our eyes. So annoying when guys do it. But I guess when he does that it puts me in a unsecure place that makes me crazy! thanks again for the reply =) <3

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