Attracted to two co-workers. Help?

OK, question self explanatory.

Me: 23, lives at home. Goes to college. Is darn near broke with tuition and surgery bills (I broke my ankle badly in March and had plates, screws etc...). Hope to finish soon and make enough money to move out. Own my own car. Work part time.

'Tammy': 28 years old. 'Daily staff' supervisor. Sometimes she's the boss, sometimes she's regular shifts. Looks 21. Short and skinny. Funny, (mostly self deprecating), big football fan. Moved here from out of state. 2.5 years sober.

'Jodie': 1 month younger than me. Nerdy but very high sex drive. Not a slut. We've joked for over a year about naughty sex stuff, relationships, and we're always ribbing each other (You're training the new girl? She's screwed) etc but have never been together. She truly is seeking a real relationship, like me, so it'd be more than how we kid. She just broke up with her Boyfriend because he didn't want to be serious. Knew her before she became a 'Daily staff' supervisor also.

When Jodie started her latest relationship she said I may have had a shot before it, and in years past, could still have made it into her bed, but this was a serious relationship, not a 'seeing other people' kind. She also joked "But don't date me, I'm crazy." "So am I" I said. J then advised me on my attraction to Tammy. Said Tammy is nice but focused on recovery. Goes to lots of meeting and isn't technically allowed to sate people 'under her'. May not want to lie about it. Jodie would probably keep her mouth shut about us.

J's last FB update: So why do people assume that I am a man-eater or am ruthless to men 'cause I date/break-up with quite a few men. I'm sorry I know I deserve to treated with respect, cared about and appreciated...if that makes me a man-eater, then fine, I am. Sorry I don't compromise and know what I deserve.

I lean toward J because it's less complicated but I'm not scheduled to work at the same time as her anytime soon. Was thinking I may just email her, but what should I say? I don't want to look like I'm jumping on her latest misfortune but I want to be honest and perhaps say "I may be kind of a chatty nerd with a weird sense of humor, as you well know, but you're a lot of the same. Why don't you let me buy you a drink sometime and see where it goes? What's the worst that could happen?"


Oh I also know that Jodie and I are both against the idea of having children. Please, spare me the lectures. I know happy, childless couples. We deal with children at work every day. Don't need any of our own.
I want to thanks everybody who looked at this and couldn't be bothered to answer. If you're reading this for the first time now, an opinion please.
I asked J to drinks and she said she thought I'd like T. Told her men can like multiple girls. She was top of the list and spoken 4. A brief candid discussion later and we're going out Wednesday night. haven't dated in forever


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  • Don't ever date both of them. If you date one of them, it might cause you your job.

    • This post was from years ago. No longer work there. Haven't talked to Jodie in forever. Tammy... Is complicated lol