I was just wondering if you and your boyfriend do some shopping together?

does it mean your relationship has become really serious ?

I know, stupid question but I'm just curious about the answer to that question ..

Im referring here to clothes shopping ;)


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  • me and me lady go booze shopping whenever we're having a house party or something

    She likes to shop...i like the odd drink...marvelous time had by all...spots all the bargains as well she does...bloody brilliant that girl

    OH! before I forget though ...thought id pass on a little tradition of ours that was passed on to us ages ago...its fantastic

    Whenever you and your boyfriend go shopping for booze, go shopping in a supermarket..

    ...step 2: fill your basket or your trolley or whatever to the brim with all of your favorite alcoholic beverages...BUT! and this is step 3: just before you leave get one packet of nappies (diapers I think there called if your American)

    As your getting through the checkout, pretend you don't have enough money and put the nappies back on the shelf...the checkout chick will sh*t herself...its the funniest thing ever...you end up looking like scum to the person at the register...and the more you laugh the dirtier the looks you get...its honestly something you got to try at least once...despite what they might think of you afterwards

    anyways, I reckon I've just about done my dash here


    • oh sh*t...missed the clothes shopping thing...bloody hell...hahaha sorry to waste your time then

    • Ahahah ! no worries ;)

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  • yeah I like to because I like seeing what she picks out that she likes on me and even though I try to pick out what I think would look nice on her she usually laughs at me and pats me on the head like I'm a little kid trying to solve a calculus problem haha. I think it would be at a point where its kinda serious if you do this I guess, unless you did that from the start. I like going clothes shopping with my girl but I still won't submit to wearing everything she likes...its dumb when your girlfriend/boyfriend try to change your style, I hate that actually.

  • It depends on the guy, I think. For me, going clothes shopping wouldn't be that big of a deal and it wouldn't really matter how serious we were. For other guys, though, I'm sure there's no way they'd set foot in a mall with their significant other until they were super committed.

  • my gf's uncle owns victorias secret so I kinda need to go shopping with her, lol. but no, I'm not like her go to guy for shopping she has gay friends for that. she just sometimes invites me along, cause she knows ill be seeing her in it anyway so why not wait :D


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  • What type of shopping are you referring to? Grocery shopping or like clothes shopping? I find the two to be very different. Grocery shopping I find not too personal and would not find it that weird to go grab things with a new boyfriend. If it's clothes shopping I need to be really comfortable with someone to be able to go with them. So for me, when I'm comfortable enough to go clothes shopping with a guy it would be serious in my books.

    • guy in grocery store: "hey, nice melons"

      Peter: "alright that's it"

      Lois: Peter, I'm holing melons

      LMAO. when you said grocery shopping it just made me think of this comparison

    • oops forgot to add quotations around lois's line. my bad

    • haha, I'm glad I could brighten your day