What is the purpose of a dress skirt?

aside from the idea of dressing up. what is the main purpose of these fantastic pieces of clothing :D

just want to see if my theory is right about something, ill explain later

if I see a common answer, then that's the one that will be the most correct (grammar problem?)
title got messed up. its supposed to say. dresses and skirts
well OK so my theory is. that although women wear them for themselves or to compare to other women. they are also wearing them for men, of course because men like the "easy access" that they have been stereotyped as. while I myself am not a sexual deviant
i would like to say that I think when a woman wears a skirt or dress that I believe she is showing her legs off to attract male attention, boobs too but its more related to the leg. anyway. this leads me to ask the following question
if this is true, in that women DO wear them to show the legs off to men, then why do you wear leggings and tights with them on occasion? in my opinion I do not like this as I like to be able to see the leg IF you are to wear a skirt or dress
to me when you wear leggings or tights it defeats the purpose of a dress/skirt. in my opinion of course, and its just a theory but I think women wear leggings and tights with them because they like to wear them but its either too cold or they don't like
their legs so they cover them up with the tights/leggings so that they can still look good but..not be self conscious. like I said, if you feel self conscious and you don't like your legs. don't wear a skirt. that's just my opinion


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  • Here's the deal; whenever the transition was made from women wearing like peasant dresses to dresses that actually show their legs, THAT is when the shift may have been due to wanting to impress men. Now days though skirts and dresses are just common wardrobe staples that we like...Sure we hope guys like them too but we like dresses regardless of your opinion of them, we put them on to look good...When we get dressed we don't think "oh this dress shows off my legs which will make a guy think about easy access and wanting to do me so Yes, I think I will wear it"...I'm really sick of seeing guys on here dissecting every outfit women wear in order to "prove" that everything we wear and do is for the sole purpose of making you want us...WTF...

    We wear leggings and tights because its the fashion...Guys need to realize we wear clothes according to trends and what looks good on our bodies...Our dress is not so you have easy access and our leggings are not simply reserved for days when we feel self conscious about cellulite or something...

    • k, now try answering this as if you were a man...dont get caught up in how girls think. try to go outside the box

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    • you're the ignorant one...dresses are how to dress up and girls love getting dressed up

      there are girls who have zero interest in dresses and skirts but they love boys so explain that to me then if the sole purpose of dresses is to impress guys

    • gay. and they just don't know it

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  • to make the girl look hot

  • I like wearing them because they make me feel like a lady. I love wearing dresses and skirts.

    • "feel like a lady"?

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    • Yes, I do.

    • i dk..i still think you shouldnt, I just don't like it. but w/e

  • A skort? So you don't go flashing everyone.

    • please don't answer with another question such as this. just answer the question at hand

    • I misunderstood what you said. Try using the correct adjective, try DRESSY skirt. -_-

    • the question is about



      not dressy skirt

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  • They show class at college football games.. that is their purpose... trust me

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    • football in the south is really big, so I guess they like to look nicer. sounds like?

    • Oh that's different, I never knew that.

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