What drives you crazy?

ok so there's this guy that I see everyday and I can't stop thinking about him. He leaves next week Friday dec 17 is the last time ill see him. I think he like me and I really like him too and I know that some people would say just ask him but there's a problem there I cant. I literally can't its not that I'm afraid to I just can't I can't tell you exactly why but the fact is that's not a possibility. Yet it is possibly for him to ask me yea it should be a two way street but its not. I think he likes me and I really like him to I just need to know for sure. So I want to know what I can't do to let him know I like him without be too obvious so not flirting I guess it has to be old fashioned. so what drive guys crazy thing I can do like look into his eyes or smiling or touching my hair... what drives you crazy. I'm so scared that if I don't do something soon ill lose him forever.


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