I'm one of the girls who's "one of the guys" and all my guy friends call me cute? What's up with that?

I am one of those girls who has more close guy friends than girl friends simply because I grew up around more guys, and so I'm super comfortable around them. I love playing COD and other video games, and I am more comfortable watching football and basketball than I am shopping... but I am still 100% feminine and love having super girly moments, dressing up, etc.

My guy friends have all already looped me into the "oh she's just one of the guys" category, but sometimes, in rare moments when they remember I'm a GIRL, they will ALWAYS call me "cute". I appreciate it... but what do guys mean when they call a girl cute? Cute is like, a puppy or a bunny or a kid playing in mud. I am a sophomore in college - I don't exactly fit in any of those categories.

Thanks! :)


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  • no not all the time. Take it as a compliment. Guys call me cute too sometimes. It just means that they adore you and like your personality. You probably look cute as well. There will be a guy for you and you are still young so don't worry. You won't always be 'just one of the guys'. I can understand that. Most of my friends are guys too and I grew up with a lot of guys. I mean, I'm the only girl in my family. Anyways, yea.. because you enjoy doing guy stuff as well.. as well as being girly.. they still know you are a girl. There will be a guy out there one day that will ask you out etc. Just wait and enjoy your life and don't worry too much about these things.