Why am I only really attracted to the taken/stuck up/ or don't want a relationship?

why does it seem like all the single and looking girls I talk to are either stuck up and don't think I'm good enough or aren't good looking/ don't have a good personality. I guess all the good looking single girls around my age are too busy studying to go out clubbing/don't go clubbing right? I'd ask where to find one, but I don't want to have to take any extra curricular activities just to get a girlfriend like I'm stalking or something.

Can I change these I don't want a boyfriend atm type girls minds?

Or am I just over thinking things because I really want a girlfriend but try and look in clubs even though I'll never find one there.

So what do I do that doesn't involve, taking up classes or something just to meet a girl (I want to do such things but for my own benefit end out) or online dating sites (tried them and they aren't really working).

Do I just go direct street gaming? (trying to pick up women in the street)

Any good ideas folks?


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  • This is because you like what you can't have.

    Firstly, I know…as a girl "I don't want a boyfriend" means we are just not that into you. Lets be honest, if we (guys and girls) really like someone, we aren't going to drop you. Plain and simple, I don't care what anyone says. It's like "I don’t need money to be happy." Really? Would you give away a winning lottery ticket? No!

    Here is my advice, stay away from the taken because you're barking up the wrong tree. Take it as decline when she pulls the "I don’t want a boyfriend" sh*t and look else where. Start looking for someone on your level.

    • it's not about wanting what I can't have, girls that are taken and are more self confident are more attractive because either

      A) they want to look good for their boyfriend making them more attractive

      B) They have self confidence and like looking good and whatnot making them more attractive

      opposed to a girl who is single and looking and isn't really stuck up. she's either

      A) Single for obvious reasons

      B) Looking but is either desperate or lonely making her either too depressed to try and look good...

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    • Okay, since you know your "answer" then why are you asking? And since you assume a single girl who is looking means they're desperate, how come you're still single...and apperently looking? Maybe you should reflect on your own life. You've got it all wrong sweetheart and you will continue to stay single thinking that way.

    • I said either desperate or lonely, I know not all single girls are desperate, but a lot of girls that have been single for a while start wanting a girlfriend more and more. Me I'm picky, so as much as people would think I'm desperate, If I was I'd probably settle for less and not get at all what I want or deserve. Now as for asking this question, I'm looking for other opinions and different ways look at it

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