I just saw him on Monday, do I look desperate if I write him online today?

I just saw my crush monday after a month of just not going to see him at work, and he asked me why I never talk to him anymore. I told him it's a two way street, but today I wrote him a message online. Does that make me look desperate? I saw him Monday and wrote him at 11 on Thursday.


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  • No. A few days apart is not making you look desperate. What would make you look desperate is if you wrote to him on Thu, don't hear back from him and write to him again on Fri/Sat.


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  • No of coarse not! Ha ha. That doesn't make you look desperate. I think it makes you look like you care about him enough to talk to him. In fact your showing him that you do feel bad that you hadn't talk to him and now your making it up to him by e-mailing him. But if he doesn't respond back after a day or two, and then you e-mail him again. That would seem like you're desperate.I hope that helped!