Why are boys so wishy washy?

Well to make things short two years ago this boy fell hard for me( His friends told me) and he had ALL the major signs. then I found out he had a girl so I left him alone. anyways

this year when he sees me he either tries to look away or looks quick with his eyes then when I look he looks away or w.e

like for instance today I almost bumped into him but didn't make a big deal, he quickly looked at me looked away then looked really fast again into my eyes and I just ignored and looked away. and when he saw me not looking he sorta said ew and grunted.

what the ef is wrong with him.

he also looks at me really fast with only his eyes and looks away and at times he won't look at all. when he doesn't look at all it shows that he's trying SO hard not to look at me.

what do you guys think?


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  • I think that it sounds like he likes you but is trying really hard to avoid his feelings. He sounds pretty creepy to me but maybe that's just how he shows his interest. Since you know that he was into a couple years ago there is a chance he is still into you.

    • i mean JCUcupcake..

      i always thought he never lost interest in me. but its weird because if he likes./liked me why is he going out with someone else?

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    • I have gone through that same situation before. Except I'm the one causing it. I think I sometimes want what I can't have, and sometimes when I'm into a guy first and they aren't into be it makes me more attracted to them. But when they show a lot of interest in me, I become disinterested. That could be the same case with him.

    • yeah I think that's the case. damn so this is like a lose lose situation? I'm not gonna be with him ever because of his own actions..so why even bother having feelings for me?

  • Yup, pretty much. It really sucks that you have to go through that. My advice is just to move on and find someone new. Good luck!