Ladies: Decoding the "Smile"?

Ladies when you make it a point to make eye contact and give a big smile, how do I know when you are just being friendly or saying come talk to me?

Also, different meaning if I receive the smile in the office vs the bar?


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  • with someone I like I make eye contact and then smile after a few seconds... as if I was looking at them and they caught me. if I'm just being friendly I smile and look at the same time and usually it's faster. as for the office... it could be hard to tell because most people are just being polite at the office. The longer the delay from eye contact to smile is better. lol

  • The flirty smile..we will usually hold eye contact a little longer as well as smile a little longer..the friendly smile is usually quick and to the point, so you don't get the wrong idea, usually ill smile with a quick look and go about my business if I'm not interested...but I'm one of those people who def gives off vibes when I like a guy..cuz I smile alot! the last guy I talked to called me "smiley" when I first met him, because I kept a smile on my it shouldn't be hard to tell the difference. g'luck!


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