What do girls look for in a guy?

I know that every girl has different tastes an all, but I was wondering if there's just some major points that girls look for when looking for a guy


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  • 1) genuine and sincere

    2) honest

    3) laid-back and funny...i like a guy who you can be goofy with

    4) is a family guy, or at the very least understands how important my family is to be

    5) loyal and reliable

    6) someone is who actually PRESENT in the relationship, meaning he's not distant or closed off. I don't want to feel like I'm in the relationship alone.

    7) someone who has goals. I'm not saying his goal needs to be becoming the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or anything. I just like a man who has an idea of what he wants to accomplish.


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  • 1) Someone I feel comfortable with, who I can talk to without feeling awkward.

    2) I like guys who show that they are interested in me or just plain nice

    3) some sort of common interest or something we can playfully argue about all the time

    4) What they look like...It depends on every single guy I meet :) if it fits in with their character then yeah...

    5)A guy who is taller than me (i.e more than 1m75)

    Of course this is just a starting point :) a guy doesn't have to be exactly this and can be anything from preppy to punk, I JUST DEPENDS ON THE GUY :)

  • Someone who is respectful, confident, kind, & intelligent.

  • My number one thing is reliability.

    I have to be able to trust and believe that if you say one thing, you're going to do it

  • sense of humor, interested in what the girl has to say, passionate about something/ambitious, fun to be around (meaning not depressing or cynical or awkward)

  • -Genuine










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