Why does it have to be like this?

Why do boys look at other girls right in front of their girlfriends how would they feel if we did it to them like seriously.


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  • I wouldn't mind if my boyfriend briefly looked at another girl, but if he like stared at her and commented on how attractive she was, then that would make me quite upset and angry with him! I wouldn't do this back to him though, I'd be more likely to give him a good hard kick or knee in the balls! lol That would certainly take his mind off other girls! lol

    Are you in this situation with your boyfriend?... What would you do?... Would you stare at other guys to try and make him jealous, or take the direct approach and do what I would?...

    • Hey, thanks for adding me as best answer... :o) I guess you are in this situation with your boyfriend then?... I wouldn't mess about by pretending to be overly interested in other guys and trying to make him jealous... Be more direct and try doing what I've said I would do in your situation... I'm sure it would work! lol Have you not thought of doing that?...

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    • Well that was one hell of a way to get back at him for what he did to you and I can almost imagine the shock and agony he must have gone through! lol Hopefully he will have learnt his lesson though. Well good luck with your current situation and I guess you know what to do if he keeps looking at other girls! lol Well as BlondieGirl19 said, feel free to let me know how it all works out! ;o)

    • alright I will deffinetly do that ha (:

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  • As long as you are only looking and not ogling / drooling. My wife and I both look at other people when we're together, but we aren't staring or anything. A lot of times we'll discuss the people we're looking at.

    I can't count how many times my wife has mentioned something about another girl's boobs or butt and I'm like, "I'm not falling for that trap!"

  • lmao why? Why not. We're men and eye candy always attracts male attention, deep down we like our girlfriends it's just we can't help it. Nothing to be catching feelings over.

    To prevent this you might as well sow his eyes shut because it's almost impossible to look at another human being who happens to be female.

    I wouldn't feel anything if my girlfriend looked at another guy, she's with me why would I worry?


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  • i do do it to my boyfriend. when I catch him checking out other girls, I make it extremely obvious that I'm checking out other guys

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