If you constantly catch a guy looking at you...

i noticed that sometimes when I go somewhere and I see a cute guy, I'll look over at him and he'll be looking at me too. then I look away cause he'll probably think I'm awkward. but I look back and he looks at me too. and this might happen 3 or 4 times.

does that mean he's interested? or is there another reason?


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  • Usually it means that he finds you attractive. Sometimes guys don't have the courage to approach a girl or feel intimidated. Next time smile at him or even write down your number and give him it. You can't loose anything. If he doesn't call or text you then its his loss. No love found, no love lost.

    • sounds pretty good. I'll definitely try being more courageous and taking initiative next time!

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  • If you looked away, I'd think you're an idiot that plays games and ignore you permanently from that point on.

    • UM obviously no ones playing games. I thought the guy was attractive as well but I don't usually approach the guy first, I've never done it. and he might think I'm awkward. so no, no games.

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    • okay thank you, ignorant pessimistic idiot

    • You're such a worthless piece of trash

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  • Well it means you catched his attention and that he finds you attractive, but the next time don't look away smile to him ! :D

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