Tips on being a gentleman

the girl I'm dating told me the other day that she wishes I'd be more of a gentleman.

Girls, how can I do that? I mean, I hold the door for her, pay for some dinners every now and then, ...tell her she's beautiful occasionally... what else is there? What are some things I can do that will convince her I'm a gentleman. ... ?


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  • I can help you with this because my boyfriend is a such a gentlemann. I'll make a list of what he does lol

    -opens doors

    -calls me beautiful(Not hot!)

    -pays for everything

    -gives me his coat

    -respects my opinons

    -understands when "no" means no

    -call me every morning to say have a good day

    -asks me what's wrong and insists I tell him(without getting mad or being rude)

    -hugs me from behind and kisses my cheek

    -says he's sorry when he knows he did something wrong

    -never ignores me

    -is willing to listen

    this is only a few things he does, I hope they helped!


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  • Be considerate of how she feels. If you are the driver, open her door for her when she gets in and out. Go to her door and knock when picking her up, instead of waiting for her in the car (not assuming that you don't already). Walk her to her door after a date. When holding her hand, bring her hand up to your lips and give it a kiss. And like someone else mentioned, don't let a girl change you. Being a gentleman is something you should refine more but don't let her try to twist it into something that she can take advantage of!

  • listen to what she says even if you don;t agree with it, tell her how much she means to you, do little things randomly to show her you care about her.

  • Just be gentle. ask her if she's OK every now and again. if she looks cold give her your coat. be willing to do stupid things (like giving her your coat, or listening to her go on and on about her day) for her. its more of an attitude thing I guess..

    • Roflmao, yeah, and jump in front of a train for her too.

    • No need to get mad. She is just trying to help someone who is asking for help.

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  • Leave her little suprises give her a flower or card for no reason just so she know that you think of her

    tell her that you care/love her

    when on a date and you park the car ask her to wait in the car and open her door and hold out your hand to help her up.

    when taking a walk and let her hold your arm

    and this is on top of what has been posted already

  • those things you listed are good... also... try reading up on gentlemanly ways... start with The Book of The Courtier- classical gentleman's ways... it's 16th Century in origin... 16th Century Italy... then a few other books- but start off with that one. You could also clean up yer language a little bit, not so salty- but never forget that you're a man... Never let a woman change you, k? Stay yourself, son... but you can learn this stuff and grow from it.

  • Wear upscale sh1t, talk more refined.