Is it alright for guys to wear pinky rings?

Alright, so I have this pinky ring that my dead grandma gave to me. I never really got to know her, but she gave me a gold pinky ring that has my initials on it. I'm going to get it resized, but I'm wondering if I will ever actually wear it in public. Would you notice a guy wearing a gold pinky ring and would it change your perception on the guy? and if so is it a good thing or a bad thing? Should guys even wear rings at all besides wedding rings?


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  • I would notice, but it wouldn't make me think anything negative about you. It's not like you're wearing tons of jewelry and pink. You won't scream 'gay' or 'feminine'.

    • Thanks for Best Answer. Feel free to message me if you ever need more fashion advice. :)

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  • The pinky ring should only be wore if the ring itself(i.e., style) suits you, and your hand. Otherwise, you might end up looking as retarded as those morons with over sized circumferential watches.