Girls, why do you get pissed when I'm right, deny that I'm right, then admit I was right the next day?

This will probably be lengthy. Don't feel obligated to answer if you don't want to.

Girls, why do you get pissed when I'm right, deny that I'm right, then the next day say almost exactly what I said and admit I was right?

Well this girl and I had been seeing each other for about 3 weeks. I was having a really good time hanging out with her at school. She would text me a lot, often saying she wanted me to do things that I didn't even know people did, like "kiss my neck" or "bite my lip." Kind of weird, but I didn't mind. Anyways, she's been pretty unapologetic about liking me and 3 other guys at the same time, but she said she liked me the most, so I didn't care all that much.

After a while she started saying she loves me, wants to marry me, wants a family with me, yet this girl won't even hang out with me outside of school, because she "isn't allowed to," yet her parents leave her home alone with a guy or two for her to have sex with. Her parents don't exactly sound strict.

Two nights ago I deleted her number, because it is so obvious that she doesn't like me, she just likes attention, and she likes this other guy way more than me. She texts me about an hour after I deleted her number "Hi :)" and after I reply "Who's this?" She gets all butt-hurt. the following conversation went like this:

Her: "This is Danielle, isn't this Eddy?" "Are you mad at me? What's wrong"

Me: "I don't think we should talk anymore."

Her: "Why don't you feel like talking?"

Me: "I don't feel like it anymore. After being betrayed by girls a million times you wouldn't feel like it either. I know you like someone else more than me."

Her: "When the f*** did I betray you?! Eddy you're breaking my heart! :'''''("

Me: Stop texting me, stop calling me, and don't talk to me at school.

This went on for a while, but I eventually caved in like a moron, and apologized. I saw her the next day, apologized again, and it seemed like things were getting back to normal.

Later that day I get a text saying:

Her: "I don't think we should talk anymore."

Me: "Are you kidding me? Why not?"

Her: Because I'm a horrible person.

Me: No you're not. You're the nicest girl I've ever met.

Her: Eddy, I can't.

Me: What?

Her: I like someone else, but I really love you.

LOL. That's kind of funny isn't it? Why do you girls do sh*t like this? and why was I stupid enough to get suckered again?

Also, she still texts and calls me. Should I keep talking to her? Her dad is about to die of cancer so he's in the hospital, and has been for like a week and will be for like another couple of weeks, unless he dies. Should I cut her some slack because of
Also, not sure if this is relevant, but I just realized I haven't had anything to eat for 3 days.


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  • you're breaking my heart! :'''''(''-ROMFL

    i like someone else, but I really love you- typical girl blubbering bullsh*t


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  • Wow, I'm glad none of the girls I choose to spend time with pull childish s.hit like that. Granted, you guys are in high school, but I certainly wasn't like that in high school, lmao. That sucks Eddy, I'm sorry. She sounds like a waste of time. It's all attention-seeking, drama, and mind games. >.< Those are the kind of girls I never got/get along with, back then OR now. You're better off x10 without that nonsense.

    • "Those are the kind of girls I never got/get along with"

      So you don't get along with any girls? Those are the only kinds of girls who exist.

    • I get along with several girls, though girls in general I'm not too fond of, BECAUSE so many are like that. The girls I get along with aren't like that. I can sniff that s.hit out from a mile away and I avoid it like the plague.

  • Well to be honest it was kind of your own fault for keeping this on, while you already knew from the beginning that she was a complete dumbass(!) It's quite obvious, she already told you from the beginning that she likes three other guys. I mean, wtf? " I like someone else but I really love you."

    She sounds extremely immature to me. How old is she anyways?

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    • You must be pretty unlucky. You know, I used to be like you. That's why I am not harsh on you when I see you generalizing. I had a few cases with stupid dudes in the past too, and there was a period of time in which I used to believe that all guys -no exceptions- are stupid f***ing pigs and pretenders.Till I met some decent ones. It took me a long time to stop being absolute about it.

    • Nobody's luck can possibly be this bad. Women must all be bitches.

  • Oh wow,she was a bitch.It's probably best that y'all don't talk anymore...I'll apologize on behalf of moronic girls

  • It's girls like that one that make us look like heartless bishes. Please don't despair!

    We're not all like that.

    I know that totally doesn't help right now but seriously. It'll get better.

    Also, do me a favor and go make yourself a sandwich or something. I know the skinny look is in but winter's a tough season. :D

  • Hmm. Her father is dying? I'm sorry. It's alright to comfort someone and be there for them when they're going through something like that. That must be messing with her head a bit, in one way or another. I can't even imagine losing one of my parents. But outside of that, it's not really fair to you if you keep subjecting yourself to her head games. She's obviously toying with you, or stringing you along because she can't seem to make up her mind and be straight forward. That hurts. You'll only be headed for heartbreak and more resentment towards women if you let this charade continue. That's pretty much childish.

  • No, please stop all contact with her because it's really wasting your time.

    But really ? I had to laugh at the things she said. And I agree with the people saying she's just looking for attention and drama.

  • it's funny


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  • Yeah, girls are dumb like that. Tell her to stop fooling around with other guys or f*** off. You're not a plaything. Also, I don't know about what everyone else thinks, but personally, I don't blame you for getting pulled back into the situation. The heart wants what it wants, and girls tend to see no problem with manipulating guys' emotions like that. Hell, I'm not even sure if they're aware they're doing it half the time. Honestly, I'd advise getting out while you can, though I understand that's difficult to do (I wish I could've taken my own advise recently).

    One thing is for sure, at least: continue ignoring her and treating her like garbage and she'll stick around for a looong time.

    • Yup! If Eddy hadn't caved in, she'd be all over him right now... Sorry Eddy : (

  • K, so questions usually end when a BA is selected, but.

    "I like someone else, but I really love you."

    Yeah, better off without her. Sounds like she has the IQ of a rotting log.

  • I love how your questions get more and more specific as time goes on. It started with stuff like 'Why are you girls all bitches?' and then 'Why do you girls say this when it isn't true?' and now its 'Why do you girls all, without fail, follow the exact proceedings of this specific situation?'. LOL. I can honestly say not every girl does this.

    Anyway... That sucks, man. What a harlot you got in with. You even gave her a chance to prove she wasn't just looking for your attentions and she proved that she was. Was this girl like 12 or something?

    You should come over here, you know. It might renew your faith in girls a little bit. I mean here you've got maybe a 3-4 success rate of girls being genuine. You seem to have a 1-200 success rate in America.

    • LMAO @ your 1st paragraph. Omg, that's funny XD

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    • Nah it's worse than 1/200. If it were 1/200 I'd have a girlfriend by now. It's 0/6187036423807468327.

    • LOL, oh come on, that's a little harsh. I know cool girls from America. That would work out as like, a quarter of a girl is genuine, hahahah. Like she's genuine, on weekends.

      And lulz, I got a LMAO for the first paragraph and a Lol for the conclusion. The middle sections failing me, LOL.

  • they don't like being wrong as much as we dont. that's just how people are. we always like to be right. and if we arent, we'll fight you on it. then realize we we're actually wrong