Why did this girl's mother keep turning to look at me in the pub?

Tonight (17 December 2010) I went to my local pub for a meal with my brother as I ain't seen him in a while.

When we went in, he was ordering the drinks at the bar & told me to go & get a seat next door, so I did. It was very quiet for the time it was, so when I walked next door, there was a woman & her daughter (I think) sitting there (only people in the room.)

As I sat down, the daughter who looked to be around 17-19yrs old looked at me once. Then soon after, her mother (who was hot!) and around her mid-late 40s sort of turned round and quickly looked at me.

When my bro came through, she turned her head quickly & sort of glanced for 1-2 secs before turning away (she was facing a wall & her daughter was facing me) but didn't smile or anything.

As the evening went on the mother kept doing this more than the daughter!

And when they were leaving, both of them but especially the mother looked at me, and sort of half smiled before shuffling by.

I am a 23year old guy & 6ft tall & didn't do anything to bring on this attention other than 'be myself.'

Was this just a curious thing from them or was it more?



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  • She probably found you attractive which could happen

    • Mother and daughter = threesome!!

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