I'm tired of feeling like a loser?

I'm so ready to be more eye-opening to guys. I have a great personality, but I think I just need a makeover.

~light blue eyes

~natural medium length & color hair with blond highlights (should I dye it chocolate brown or have more blond highlights)

~alright body (exercising and toning would be great)

and the most important. how do you approach a guy? talk to him and he seems interested? very flirtatious? eye makeup ideas? clothing?


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  • Most important is to be confident which seems that you're lacking that a little now. You are a girl so you hold most of the power don't forget that. Guys want what you got. When you talk to a guy they will listen and try to be interested 90% of the time. Your description sounds great, don't get caught up in the superfishal stuff to much. You are right exercising is such a good thing to do, however you want to excercise for yourself not for other guys that don't care about you or don't know you. Being interested in a conversation is not something to be faked. It can only be genuine, the way you do that is by not being self obsorbed. Remeber the more you help others and make others happy the better your life will be and more genuine relationships you will get. Try thinking after you make a sentence " how many times did I just use I or me in that sentence".? This will help you realize how unattractive that is. Find similiar intrests when talking about things, things that involve both of you. Listen to him and respond to what he just said. That shows him that you are listening. Flirting can be seen as a sexual thing not always tho, so it depends on what type of person you're trying to find. Eye, makeup ideas and clothing in my opinion should be what you like I don't like conformity.

  • Please upload pictures if you want advice on style and such because who knows maybe you are pretty but just too intimidating.


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