A Girl I Can't get OUT OF MY HEAD?

I knew her for 5months.My cousin told her 3months ago that I liked her but she said we are just friends and likes talking with me. All her past relationships ended badly. She shares food, saves seats, and a month ago while watching a movie presentation she was tired and laid her head on my shoulder. About a month ago I was hanging out with her, my friends and my cousin after school. I asked her if she wanted to head home and she said she would do whatever I was doing. Earlier that day she invited me out to the movies with her. We went to the movies that week and I remembered her telling me she hates when guys move fast with her so I didn’t. After the movie we talked, her ride came then she hugged me and left. The only guy she’s mentioned being attracted to is a celebrity. Two weeks ago she called to see if I was on break so we could hang out. But of sitting next to me she sat across and we talked. When she was leaving she said her butt felt sticky and asked me to check if it was.

She usually would wait for me after school or calls to find out where I am. She even waited for me for almost an hour a day 2weeks ago. My friend thinks she’s interested cause she always calls me and I never call her but said I should be less available.I was on the bus with her that week but barely talked to her and I caught her watching me a few times. She complemented my clothing good. Last Wednesday I was walking not paying attention and bumped into her smiling at me. Last Sunday she called me while but I missed call. I called her back and she called because she wanted to know if my friend was still selling jackets but decided to buy one in the store. We talked for a half hour about school and about how she was having family over. This being the final two weeks of school I barely see or talk to her due to College exams. I was sitting with my friend at school Tuesday when I felt someone patting me on my shoulder and it was her. She asked me if I was finished and I told her I wasn’t. She and her friend then left. My class was only 5 minutes. When I got onto the bus she was on. We talked about school until her stop. We hugged and she said that hopefully she sees me tomorrow. Yesterday She texted me to let me know she bought a machine to workout on. We Texted back in fourth for 2hours


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  • In my opinion..I think she likes you. If she's been hurt in the past then she's not going to rush into anything or want a relationship right now and that may be why she says "yall are just friends". But the fact that your cousin told her you like her & she's still hanging out with you like she does shows that...shes interested. In most cases..for example I have quite a few guy friends, if they tell me or if I hear they like me, and I know I don't want anything except to be his friend, I don't continue to do all the same things I was doing before. I kind of back off. I don't want to mislead them, sure I want them as my friend, but I'm going to put a little more space between us so they know I don't like them in that way. I think she's afraid of being hurt again.She might be waiting for YOU to tell her how you feel. I think you should hang in there & keep being her friend. Maybe just back off a little bit. Sometimes us girls get "used" to having something that's always there & we take it for granted. Don't be so available. Let her really miss you & think about not having you around...cute quote I once ran across...because I have a history for falling for "best guy friends"...*A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other...Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever* Best Wishes to Ya! =)

    • If they now you like them and say they''re friends but act the same, it means they could like you? :s lol

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    • oh kk thanks just one more question should I distance myself from her and if she liked me why would she ask me to check if her butt was sticky that's friend zone isn't it

    • I think distancing yourself a little might work...I think telling her how you feel first might be better...the whole thing about checking if her butt was sticky, was friendly, but flirty at the same time. Kinda like hey friend check out my butt...your probably making more out of it than necessary, she was paranoid she had something on her butt...who else was she supposed to ask,.. =) best wishes!

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  • Well I haven't seen your past questions, but bubbleboy's right. The way she's acting with you is exactly the way I act with my best friend, who is a rather attractive and rather gay young man. I could ask him to check if my butt was sticky because I know we're close without being sexually attracted to each other. I'd share food with him; I'd save him seats; I'd lay my head on his shoulder if I was tired; I'd go to the movies with him; I'd wait for him if he was late; I'd call/text him; I'd compliment his clothing; I'd ask him for advice on where to buy things; I'd tell him about my life.

    If she does like you as any more than that, she's a bit of an anomaly. Girls generally don't like guys who move too fast. But the fact is, if we meet a guy who we're really attracted to, we probably want him to go faster. We like guys who don't try to FORCE us to move fast because it shows he has some respect for our feelings. But if he makes us feel comfortable (and attracted) enough, then when he gets close we're going to pull him closer.

    I don't know you, and I'd like for you to take this as a neutral statement rather than an insult, but you sound like a real sap! In other words, a Nice Guy. You'll make a brilliant friend. You'll make a brilliant uncle. You'll probably make a brilliant dad too. But you're missing the passion element. There seems to be this myth that you're either a Nice Guy or a Bad Boy. It's not true. We like the safety and security we feel when we're with a Nice Guy, but we're attracted to the Bad Boys because of the excitement and passion.

    You have to be able to do both. You need to have a hint of sexuality without being Stifler, but she still needs to know she's going to be happy and comfortable around you. You can get out of the friend zone sometimes... but it's probably not likely. My mum asked me the other day, if my best friend wasn't gay would I date him. I honestly didn't know; like I said, he's an attractive guy, and he's fun, and I love loads of things about him... but he's basically my brother. I've got used to thinking of him that way, and if anything ever changed (not that I think it will in this case but you get my point) I don't know if the way I think of him would change that much.

    Either way, the sappiness will be particularly putting you in that friend zone. You're probably just radiating the idea that you can't get her out of your head. This is amazing to a girl - IF she already can't get you out of HER head. Otherwise, it might be flattering, or it could be kinda annoying. If you're showing no signs of wanting to date her, she's going to be totally happy to keep hanging out with you as a friend and nothing more. Sorry man, but you need to let this one go.


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  • Dude, with all due respect, you asked this question in different variations three times in the past already.

    She sees you as a friend and that's that. You've been friend zoned. If you still hold feelings for this girl, it'd be best to start distancing yourself from her. You will not, under any feasible circumstances, win her over when she sees you only as a friend. You have to accept this and move on and find another girl who can relate to.

    I'm not saying cut her off completely, but until you can accept the fact that you two can only be friends, you're going to need some distance. Sorry.

  • I'm feeling what danigurl56 said. I'm pretty sure this chick is digging you. You said her past relationships had ended badly so I'm betting she's just scared to death of opening up her heart again and having it ripped out. I know a lot of girls who are friendly, but see seems awful touchy-feely to not have some interest. Did your cousin telling her you like her change her actions in any way at all?

    Maybe she's waiting on you to put it all out there. Women want the man to make the moves, as hard as it may be sometimes. Don't go overboard and become all creepy with it, but maybe sit down and have a heart to heart adult conversation about your feelings. Somewhere quiet and private. Your cousin telling her is great, but YOU telling her could take things to the next level. She may have a "it's too good to be true" opinion of what your cousin told her?

  • test the waters...start being a bit cheeky, try and advance things a little. if she responds well you know she likes you. if not...you're in friend zone.

    Next time your close with her, flirt with her and look into her eyes. After a bit of flirting, look at each of her eyes, then glance down at her lips and back to her eyes. if she glances down at your lips...she's thinking the same thing...at that point be a man and just go for a kiss.

    Life's about taking risks my friend