Girls 24 year guy old looking for clothing advice?

I'm 24 year old.

right now I wear mostly blue/black polos with a blue/black/white shirt underneath with nice pair of jeans and a black leather jacket in the winter

I'm mature for my age but I look younger (most people say I look 20) and I'm wondering if there is a way to dress more mature without making myself look older


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  • Your wardrobe right now seems fine, but pretty limited. I'm a fan of polos during the warmer weather, but that's not really appropriate for wintertime.

    Try switching it up to something age appropriate (mid 20s) yet still fashionable. Maybe go for some nice button-down shirts with an undershirt. And some V-neck cashmere sweaters or even regular neckline sweaters. Even plain knit shirts work fine if you've got a decent upper body and stomach area. The "nice" jeans still works for your bottoms and I'm guessing you wear appropriate shoes/loafers/boots for each outfit.

    Leather jackets are nice for some occasions but you may want to get something like this for a streamlined, put together look-



    • well I'm not like "ripped", or supertoned, but I'm not fat if that's what you mean.

      my biggest problem is that I tend to stick only to blues and black which is sort of a habit :P

      yeah I only own a few pairs of shoes, a pair of converse, a pair of black leathers loafers an pair of straight black leather work boot (which I mostly wear) and for some reason those links aren't working (just FYI)

      I'm mostly asking cause there is a girl I'm trying to garner the attention of.

    • The links work for me. That's weird. They were black trenchcoats that fall past your midsection from Nordstrom's. Anyway, neutral colors work fine for winter. I'm sure you'll attract her just fine with your current style if you just dress it up a bit.

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