Any recipes you like to share?

what are your favorite recipes?


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  • I love making buffalo chicken dip.

    Get chicken breast and cook them in a... crock pot then use a stick of cream cheese, and about 1/4 a cup of hot sauce and ranch dressing mix it all up (I usually leave it all in the crock pot because it stays warm and its better warm) and eat it with crackers or celery sticks (I love celery sticks)

    enjoy :DDD


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  • cook linguine (or your fav pasta) then cook up shrimp, mushrooms, capers, garlic and cooked spinach, sauteed and put on top of pasta. top with lemon butter sauce. and some people like to put pinon nuts that's an option though. it is delicious! if you don't like shrimp you can put chicken instead..

  • can't cook to save my life, but love to eat :)

  • It's quite a culinary masterpiece but I'll give you my secret ingredients...

    1. Two slices of bread (white bread really brings out the flavor to your palette)

    2. Peanut butter (only the finest, Jif)

    3. Grape jelly (only the finest again, Smuckers)

    And there you have it.

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