Your opinion on long hair with guys?

i have hair in a ponytail. its like band to tip is about 8 in. but I also keep it well maintained, wash it all the time, and brush it a lot. opinions?


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    Honestly there is a psychological boundary with women and long hair.

    I would say about 1/8 men can pull it off...

    Now, you have stated that you are about 17.

    Unfortunately this is not the age that can pull off long hair.

    I had a friend with a pony-tail when I was 17.

    I only ever saw him as a friend... who maybe didn't dress too well... had a larger build, and was into making armor and stuff. :)

    For our school play he had to cut his hair short... not buzzed, but a true men's cut. (like brendan fraiser in "The Mummy")

    I saw him the day after he got it cut and WHOA.

    I had never seen him in that way before... like he grew up, like he was a man now.

    I realized his larger build was a bunch of muscles he hid under big shirts, and that his personality was quirky and sweet.

    We were together for a long time :)

    Something about short hair screams "I'M A MAN"

    Just think about the male figures women (not girls) are into...

    That cigarette lighting, shadow faced figure in a suit... wearing a fedora...

    He tips his hat... does he have a ponytail?

    no :(

    Did Brad Pitt look good in Troy? Yes. Was his hair pulled back in a pony tail? No.


    Do you sir have curly hair? Yes? Don't pull it back into a pony tail. Let it down like Jim Morrison.

    No? Cut it nicely :)

    Still want kind of long hair? Chin length is cool if nicely cut :)

    Go to a real salon that costs more than 20 bucks and they will give you a look that fits your face. Figure out your face shape, that's important.


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  • long hair on a guy is fine as long as it's NOT TIED UP. please don't tie your hair up.

    wavy long hair hovering just above the shoulders or just at the chin is probably just about the best length to keep for guys who wanna have long hair. unless you're a rock star like axl rose with enough attitude to pull it off, long straight hair on a guy is something very few can pull off.

  • I like long hair on guys, if it's well taken care of.

    Washing your hair all the time actually makes it break, brittle, dry and makes you have split ends.

    AND it all depends on weather it looks good on a guy or not...

  • I love long hair... *sighs*

  • If it's long enough to be able to be tied in a ponytail then that's too long for me.

  • Not my style. I don't like a dude's hair to go past his ears.

  • It just depends how it looks on the guy. Usually, no offense to you or any dude with long hair, I prefer shorter hair. But some guys actually look better with the long hair. I don't know what you look like so I can't say how it looks

    • well I look 13 when I have short hair. it kinda sux

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    • im 16 almost 17 now, so it would be really creepy for me. and yes and no. I like having long hair both because it looks better on me, and secondly when I put it down I'm almost showing it off as in "im able to make it look this good." confidence booster I guess?

    • Haha ohh okay. That makes sense

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