Guys - Let's make it simple; best features in a girl?

Favorite height, weight, intelligence, personality, hair color, hair style, hair length, eye color, interests? Whatever you like in a girl.


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  • Let's see, if I were shallow enough to judge people on appearances like a piece of meat, I'd choose the following for a woman:

    Height: 5'2"-5'7"

    Weight: 100lbs-150lbs

    Intelligence: Very Smart-Shockingly Bright

    Personality: Fun, easy-going, loving, caring, funny, passionate, creative, unique, dorky

    Hair Color: Brunette, Red-Head, Blonde

    Hair Style: Wavy, Straight, Up in a Ponytail

    Hair Length: Short, Long (these last two really don't matter, hair can always be changed and always grows back)

    Eye Color: Green, Blue, Brown

    Interests: Movies, Rock Music, Science, Philosophy, Shoes, Dresses, Animals, Food, Nature

    Extras: Honest, trusting, a little naughty, bubbly, enthusiastic, motivated, feminist, 34B-36E cup, nice round, firm bum, British accent


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  • height - not bothered. had gfs taller than me and shorter (im 5ft 5)

    weight - I really don't find chubby girls attractive - so thin girls for me

    intelligence - I would like to be able to hold some good intelligent conversation lol

    personality - open minded, easy to talk to, likes to try new things, a happy bubbly girl

    hair - really not bothered

    eye colour - not bothered

    interests - needs to have some, otherwise a bot boring

    and I'm very much a legs man. can't resist a pair of sexy legs ;) hehe and I like a girl that's not afraid to show them

  • Height- Shorter than me

    Weight- A girl who is fit and takes care of herself

    Intelligence- Smarter than the average idiot. If she can hold an intelligent conversation about something other than celebrity gossip, then I'm fine.

    Personality- A little more talkative and outgoing than me. I'm somewhat reserved so things might be stale if both of us were like that.

    Hair color- Anything suits me, but I'd say brunette (brown or black hair)

    Eye color- Don't care

    Interests- Whatever makes her happy. I don't care what she does, as long as her hobby wasn't shooting p*rn movies :)

  • Im 6'3" so if I could find an attractive girl who was about 6' tall I would be in heaven. Long straight hair is really good looking also. I love girls who are smarter than I am...even though I'm pretty smart.

    • I wish there were more guys like you at my school! I'm 5'11.5 & in all honors classes & stuff. (:

    • hmmmm perfect ;) haha

  • height 5'7"

    weight 1120lbs

    intelligence smart

    hairstyle covering one eye

    hairlength 3 inches below the shoulder

    eye color... true blue

    interest. occasional gamer, likes song lyrics, can talk about why they don't like me, straight forward, and fine as silk

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