If a guy is looking deeply into your eyes while you're talking to him..

and his mouth is sort of open, is he just really interested in what you're saying or does it mean something more?

Just wondering :)


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  • He is Mesmerized in your Beauty @-@

  • No it is neither, I guess. It is just observational. She is analyzing your thoughts, intelligence and most importantly your reactions and personality. It is the best moment to steal people's personality, when they are talking and preoccupied in finishing subject. In other words, it could show his/her interests, level of understanding, and explainations, all revealed by the word choice; hence, the verb and adjectives a person uses can reveal much of who he/she is.

    Therefore, she was just measuring or was evaluating your persona

    • I'm a girl asking this question about a guy...

    • What? the person asking the question is male? then why pink? or you are one of those mentally corrupted by sexy-confusion-sydrome? looolz, joking, but you confused me seriously

    • okay okay ha ha, I was talking to this guy I know (we're not friends) and he was looking into my eyes with his mouth sort of open

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