Emo/ scene guys: do you like nice preppy girls?

Now not to put labels on anyone or anything but I would consider myself preppy BUT please I am def not up myself like most people would see me and stereotype. I like emo/scene boys (no not just for how they look but for their whole personality)... however I don't seem to be noticed :( I would consider myself a genuinely nice person, a bit shy but open up when I get to know someone well (but never any of my real problems - its not fair to dump stuff like that on other people because everyone already has enough of their own issues). Anyway back to the point - if you are emo/scene... do you genuinely consider girls that aren't?

Oh by the way - I'm amber


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  • i consider myself kinda scene, rocker style. and yes, I do like preppy, but mostly I think its all about personality


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